This is for the download of a FRONT and BACK pdf file for the postcard. for MPs re robo-calls and election fraud.

Here are the rules on free postage from Canada Post:

"Government Mail Free of Postage allows for mail to be sent to and from the following individuals free of postage provided that both the sender and receiver are in Canada:
the Governor General
the Speaker or Clerk of the Senate or House of Commons
the Parliamentary Librarian or the Associate Parliamentary Librarian
Members of the Senate
Members of the House of Commons (see section 2.1 "Parliamentary Mailings Using Unaddressed Admail")
the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner or Senate Ethics Officer."


You will need the FRONT and the BACK files. These files have been placed into the public domain. You are welcome to download and use them.

Use letter-size card stock (choose 0.2mm thick, so 10 sheets should measure 2 mm).
[1] Print the FRONT file (it is already set to use 'landscape' orientation), then
[2] flip the sheets over and print the BACK file (it is already set to use 'portrait' orientation).
[3] Then turn front side up and cut each sheet in half both ways, giving you 140 X 106mm cards. That size is within the Canada-Post minimum and maximum card size.

To be acceptable to Canada Post, card thickness must be between 0.18 mm and 5.0 mm:
        the minimum card size is 120mm length X 90mm width
        the maximum card size is 235mm length X 120 mm width
... so the 4 cards resulting from a letter-size sheet cut in half each way are within that size range, thus acceptable.

For postal information, see TABLE OF LETTERMAIL