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Here's the razorbill (Alca torda) --- a seabird widely distributed around the North Atlantic, though not common. Here in Newfoundland, the Razorbill is often called "Tinker" (for "thinker" --- a 'th' sound is often pronounced 't') to reflect the razorbill's characteristic sky-gazing look. We like this thoughtful-looking bird as an emblem for our projects. Its colloquial name "Tinker" is intended to be the label for our science titles.


Razorbillpress aims to focus on highly accessible books with science/ecology/academic links. We welcome comments and inquiries.

We are planning releases in paperback and in e-book format (PDF files readable with Adobe Reader [download from Adobe]).

Razorbill Press begins with:

  1. Analysing Cycles in Biology and Medicine — a practical introduction to circular variables & periodic regression.
    2nd edition, paperback: ISBN 978-0-9736209-2-4
    2nd edition, electronic: ISBN 978-0-9736209-3-5
    Although biologists know cycles are important, too few know how to cope with them, and many opportunities have been missed. This book aims to change that.

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